Course of 6 Personalised Prescriptions

Course of 6 Monthly Personalised Flower Essence Prescriptions

  • 30 minutes
  • 300 euros
  • Saint-Georges-Blancaneix

Service Description

Which essences do you really need? I can make you up your own personal 'Bunch' online. It is a tailor made selection for your current energy state. As all energy is connected I can remotely tune into what your body needs to rebalance energetically. Then I make up your prescription and send it in the post with a full explanation of what each flower essence selected does to rebalance you. By having a consultation with me, you can find out how I make up your prescription, it is a good idea the first time you have a personal blend made up. If you purchase a 6 month course of essences, I will automatically tune into your energy and send you the personalised flower essence blend you need each month for 6 months. That will save you money and keep you on track energetically, I will send you the monthly selection of essences your body needs, with the description of what they are doing to support and help you heal yourself.

Contact Details

  • Montarel, 24130 Saint-Georges-Blancaneix, France