Don’t take sides in a war…

All wars are about power struggles, and by the very nature of them everyone churns out their own opinions and propaganda because we all want to be on the side of the good guys…The War in Ukraine is sadly no different.

From a western perspective our governments are full of how terrible it is that President Putin and the Russian Bear have invaded poor old Ukraine. The main stream media are full of how Russia is inflicting indiscriminate bombing on civilians, killing people everywhere, destroying and bombing everything including nuclear power stations whilst making it impossible for people to escape the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine. This has had the effect of making us all believe that Russia is the evil aggressor and wanting to take over the world, even inflicting a nuclear war on us.

From the Russian perspective things look very different. They have tried for many years to get Ukraine, USA and NATO to stop the perceived aggression on their doorstep. They see this just like JFK did with the Cuban Missile Crisis. They site the increase in Nazi units in the army, the increase in NATO countries on Russia‘s boarders, despite agreements not to do so, the development of bio weapon laboratories and the attacks on the Donbass region as issues that need to be resolved.

As always in any conflict there are going to be at least two sides, and many versions of the perceived truth in the situation…we all have our own opinions, but taking a side means you are joining in the propaganda game. I see many people supporting the Ukrainian President Zelenski , but what do we really know about him? He is a pawn in the game too, he was not elected, he was installed by a Ukrainian oligarc, who is wanted for fraud in Israel and Russia. Zelenski is Jewish but has supported the rise of the Nazi movement in Ukraine, he is also a puppet of the American government, President Biden and Hunter Biden. In his previous career as a comedic actor, he played a school teacher who became the Ukrainian President, you couldn’t make it up. The population in Donbass have had enough of living in their basements, they voted overwhelmingly to remain part of Russia in 2014. The Ukrainian army has been bombing them ever since with the loss of over 14,000 Russian Ukrainian lives. Plans and authorization documents have been found for the Nazi units in the Ukrainian army to invade the Donbass region this March. There is currently much talk about the 30 odd bio weapon bases set up and controlled by the US In Ukraine, and that the west are worried Russia are going to use chemical weapons on the people. But this is a classic situation, why did the US have Bio Weapon Labs in Ukraine in the first place? That is really what the Russians were concerned about. If you use any form of weapon, don’t be surprised when someone takes it and uses it against you. Which is also the case with many of the weapons that are being sent to Ukraine from the UK to support the ‘cause’. They are now in Russian hands…some are also in criminal hands where they have been given them to defend the country, unfortunately, as you may imagine their use has been diverted to less laudable activities. But, I don’t believe that the Russians intend to do any more damage than absolutely necessary to the people or the infrastructure to gain control of Ukraine, because ultimately it was their country and they want it to function as normally as possible afterwards. Kiev was originally the capital of Russia, that might explain why they are encircling the city to prevent wanton destruction. If you look at indépendant coverage of the war, you can see a very different picture emerging than the one we are being fed by western media. I believe Putin’s intention is to remove the current Ukrainian government and replace it with a more neutral/ Russian friendly government and President. I don’t think he wants it to become part of Russia, with the exception of the Donbass region. He needs a neutral buffer between him and NATO.

At the end of the day it is the people who are the ones to suffer in any War. My sympathies are with the Ukrainian people who are in the centre of this power struggle which is beyond their control.

Satirical cartoons are great ways of making a point, Bob has nailed it with this one, thanks to The Democracy Fund for including it here.